Who Are We?

          EIH (Engineering and Innovation Hub) is the center for engineering and innovations experts. Our ultimate goal is to assist and satisfy the needs of our customers from the basic engineering knowledge to the most cutting-edge technologies in buildings. From maintenance services to legal consultations related to building maintenance and development, the applications of new technology products.

Founded since 2017
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EIH is a full-service engineering consultancy since the introduction of building materials. Structural Maintenance Testing This allows you to easily manage engineering tasks and ensure that operations are safe and accurate.


EIH offers consulting services. Innovation development Development of engineering materials Coordination of new material testing The goal is to provide materials development services in construction. Include solutions to problems with sustainable structures.


EIH has the concept to be the center for customers to solve problems for customers. There is no need to go to the experts on your own. You only tell the problem to EIH. Find solutions to customers with one stop service.

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