56,000 Sq m.

       Façade System Inspected and Still Counting...

          We provide structural inspection using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to offer the most effective data acquisition technique to provide detailed inspection report certified by expert in a one stop service.

Why façade inspection
is needed?

              Regular inspections are essential to a building’s general maintenance. A façade inspection can identify property issues before they become problems. Knowing what the existing and potential issues are is crucial to ensuring the safety, aesthetics and value of abuilding. This is especially important because a building is often a person’s largest lifetime investment.

Type of Buildings that need to be inspected

According to Thailand Building Control Acts:
1. High-rises building for more than 23 meters
2. Extra Large Building
3. Community building
4. Theater
5. Hotel more than 80 rooms
6. Condominium
7. Factory
8. Sign
9. Service place


Fast & Cost Savings

Saving unnecessary cost from traditional equipment and processes


Reduce from personnel when working in high altitude

Verified Reports

Accurately detect potential threats for your building and provide preventative solution


Concrete crack & Spalling
Brick & Tiles bulging
• Loose or unsafe façade elements could potentially become falling debris hazard to ground level

Joint sealant failure

• Signal of water infiltrating in the façade system


After Maintenance tracking
Overview and track the work before – after of maintenance and repair process of contractor throughout services life

Real building comparison to As-Built plan
Side by side comparing structural integrity of real building and as-built plan

Dangerous/Combustible cladding material check
Inspect façade component for any loose or dangerous material to protect life and assets


Lost/Damaged structural and architectural component
Inspection for lost or damage crucial component such as lightning rod , antenna

Exterior System Check
Check up for exterior system installed outside of building and readiness such as exterior fire escape stairs

Setup Approximate Budget
Quantity estimating to setup approximate budget for future repair and maintenance

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.”
- John F. Kennedy

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