Steel Rebar Cutting and Bending Machines

Imported from TOYO KENSETSU KOHKI, Japan and Bar Cut List

EIH has collaborated with TOYO, a leading company in manufacturing steel bending and cutting machines used in constructions. In Japan alone, TOYO occupies 80% of domestic market shares in steel industry. All products from TOYO are manufactured in Japan with an exceptionally high-quality control to achieve our high level of customer’s specifications in the area of steel production industry, both domestically and internationally. We also offer a consultation service in relation to the new establishment of factories and steel production process in order to achieve highest efficiency and quality as well as the cost estimation services for Bar Cut List from construction plans to minimize any plausible risks.

Product list, with cooperation from Toyo Kensetsu Kohki and EIH as sell representative in Thailand are as following

1. Automatic rebar cutter and bender

2. Two axis bender , Mesh bender

3. Rebar cutter for slab , Automatic material handling

4. On-site rebar cutter and bender

5. Radius bender

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